Tuesday, March 21, 2006 


I was recently comissioned to paint a mural on the wall of an in progress daycare.
It was a big job so i hired my friend Adam.I was given a few pictures out of a book and asked to use one pic for the group of characters and to create a setting for them with trees and a path.
First i penciled in a rough plan as to the characters placement and position of trees and background. After that I roughed in the characters.

The client was specific as to the poses of the characters so I didn't really need to improvise much. The only real issue was fitting the characters underneath the window in the room. I think it worked well, and they don't look squished.

Here's the end of night 2 or three, by now the trees are roughed in and you get a sence of the overall mural.

here's the next night, Painting on that scale (190 square feet) was huge and took a lot longer then expected. but the trees are more solid and the characters more defined.

This was at the end of the last night. It took 5 long nights. I tried to get into the building at about 4 pm to avoid the noise and dust of a commercial construction site.
It was a cold dry extremely dusty enviroment to be doing this kind of thing in. There was no washroom,(thankfully a 24 hour supermarket was in the plaza) no running water so we had to bring in jugs. and very little power. The lighting conditions weren't too great either.
I learned a few things about murals.
1 wait until there is a washroom, power, running water and carpet.
2 Murals cost a lot of money for a good reason, they are time consuming and difficult. I spent most of the time sitting on mats on the really cold floor in awkward positions that hurt quickly.
3 getting a few friends to help can save your sanity.

here's a close up of the characters, i'm really happy with them, they look like an animation cel.

I would like to thank Adam, Leanne, Heather for painting and Ross, Andrew and Craig for stopping by for some laughs.